There a saying on the internet that online readers are lazy readers, I bet that we – we who develop website content for business-have somewhat contributed to the problem .How? We’ll see.

I mean, who wants to read long articles with thick paragraphs when my facebook page is open in one window.

Who wants to read what your company profile says when the juicy email has arrived.

With a decade of blogging and social media behind me, I will share a few lessons I have picked up along the journey.

1. Keep headlines creative and precise

In one sentence, be able to say what your article is about and do it creatively. If you want to advice about the distractions of Facebook.You’ll draw more readership if you title your piece “I kissed face book goodbye” than if you went typical “The dangers of face book”. So be flexible, as long as you stay in the boundaries.

2. Keep paragraphs short
May I please lend my pen to the one who said it better? , Roy Peter Clarke writes in his volume “50 writing tools”.

A reader will address himself more readily to his task if he sees from the start that he will have breathing space from time to time than what to him looks like marathon course.There you go, like I like to say “keep it easy on the eye”

3. Use Images
Your target audience probably spends more time on YouTube and than you think, so do them a favour and give their eyes something to feed on, let your articles feature a photograph, a video, something to feed the eye, it may just make your content viral .

4. Color your text
Like mentioned earlier, you are dealing with lazy readers, so if you got something to write, please make use of the options above your “ color” category.

Start with those and see how your content grows – the rest might as well be history.

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