Think of Business X.

Business X is run by two entrepreneurial young men, raised in a city church.

The two were part of a church media team where they honed their skills at “color grading” and “composition” – never mind the terms -pure videography.

Their skills  noticed every Sunday on the church projector by the city’s prominent that come every Sunday morning.

In one vivid case, a City Bank CEO notices a well composed ad that stirs his adrenaline, he remembers his wife’s conversation last night and how she expressed interest in getting  a “a good video editor” for their upcoming upcountry school project.

When the service ends, Mr CEO walks up to the media booth asks a few questions, and the rest becomes history.

The two boys under their independent agency sign up an account with his prominent bank  and as their ad garners countrywide fame on national TV, even the CEO’s sons rhyme it for daddy as he smiles away in the evening couch reminiscing, TV remote control in hands with a “I -know- how- all- this – started.” look.

The “boys” do a faithful first  job and months later, competing banks line up to negotiate with the once “little” garage-located ad agency. Not because they saw their billboard or brochure, but because somebody told their wife who spoke to their friend upcountry, who told their uncle who is a  project officer at some local NGO with lot of video footage to edit and design .

Long story short, the ad agency goes on to sign several other contracts courtesy of  “word of mouth” in their circles.

The stressed communications officer, with a deadline, who watched the video in the second service talks about it at her workstation and her boss picks interest, they sign up and the ripple effect bubbles.

While looking for a location for their third video shoot, a curious field officer upcountry  supervising for a humanitarian organization near the location, draws near and asks, one thing follows another  and   next  thing we know, he’s calling the office land line with  a  desire to talk to the creative director about a children’s video project he’s doing the following month

Guess what happens next, thank you, his eldest son notices all these developments via Facebook  shares with  friends in a boardroom of a gender advocacy organization and two conversations kick off from there too, the cycle continues.

Somebody noticing and telling, noticing and telling, noticing and telling.

And that’s not the point  -yet.

Point is how our clientele are humans, and humans-because of their five senses “experience” things – things including great services, a kind receptionist (yes tick that) and share those experiences often, sometimes better than our billboards and radio ads.

And we who seek  business cannot take  this opportunity lightly, because word of mouth, cheaply and conveniently goes to places other forms rarely reach, talk of dinner tables, bedsides and yes – even church pews.

You company reputation may still tap into word of mouth -to suggest-  a few helpful places to start would look like this,

  1. Pursue Excellence – do work “all the way”, excellently and in time,somebody will tell that to somebody.
  2. Engage the audience, social media can help on that, make online quizzes, show off your recent work on a Facebook page, who knows, somebody may just click the share button-someday, somebody.
  3. Be friendly, even if  a client doesn’t put pen to paper, make a call to appreciate their time, consideration, they are your friends first, even if the cheque wasn’t signed.
  4. Stay in touch with your past clients, they may want to update you about a colleague with a “similar need”

Good place to start? I guess .

W-o-r-d o-f  m-o-u-t-h, can’t emphasize enough.

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