Why we need websites.

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Why we need websites.

Back in the days. When you wanted to check out an organization, you  physically had to drop by their office building.

Today, the story is different; with websites, information is simply a click away.

A website can be defined can be defined as a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. (Wikipedia)

By the time you are typing in your address bar, you are seconds away from accessing a place, person, event that could have taken you hours, even days. So what other reasons can we give to state the case for having a website . Why would one need a website for example?  What’s the whole point?


Websites are modern signposts, before appearing for that interview, potential employees for example know that a website not only tells you “venues”; but also gives you bits of often organized information for you to have expectations from  the individual, organization or entity you are  about to approach.

Social media

With millions of your potential customers, students, partners, donors trafficking on social media. No central place for aggregated information does it better than a website. Links of your posted work may be effectively and efficiently shared across social networks-sometimes in just minutes. In this age of new media, social networks which are also commended for their mobile reach plead no better case for the need for a website.


Your organization is identified by a brand. That could be color or a combination of them, an illustration, a slogan et al. There is no better place to sell your brand than through a website. Not to mention the other public relations issues involved, for example image building, and publicity – another reason for you to consider one.


Forget the age of printing press; this is the age of information overload. In such times, audiences are always sieving out what will benefit them, that’s it’s why it’s pertinent to choose what would be the best channels for you to provide information about your cause, and websites are every central for such, often  precisely aggregating all helpful  information .


Brochures and inquiry desks are no longer enough, websites offer a central place for information to be sought, and that is not only time saving but helpful in creating convenience for those who are weary of the loitering endeavors.

Communication & Accessibility

As new technology takes the lead, there is no better way to upgrade your communication than through a website. With memos, press releases and blog posts news, photos, posted frequently, accessibility and communication have never been easier.

Search engines

You want your website to show up first when somebody types your specialty in Google.There is no better way to stay visible online than creating a website that will feature keywords to be picked on globally. Sometimes visibility is everything.


As traditional libraries slowly fade out, all your information collection/archive can find a hub online in very safe formats. Websites enable this information security that conveniently allows you to do away with temporary files.

Websites indeed can be our easiest means if we only gave them priority; they are modern signposts, denying their role is basically denying our organization’s identity and the benefits that accrue from such initiatives.

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