What about Email?

///What about Email?

What about Email?

I committed a crime the other day, a cyber crime,  if you like.

I considered sending an email to one of those exposed emails I get in my inbox. Those emails the sender doesn’t consider should be sealed under ‘BCC’, All of a sudden, you get some update email with lists of people in the same business you have been dying to meet, connect.

Many of us are familiar with the spam button a result of this practice, but that’s just one of the shortcomings of email, email posses a whole lot of other advantages for your company. Whether you have maximized these is another issue, altogether.

1. Identity
Staff emails for example give corporate identity to your staff, free them from their [email protected] and give them identity. Their business cards may go places you have never dreamt about. And that’s mileage.

2. Correspondence
This is supposed to be obvious, but it is not, emails when handled well give a uniform voice to the organization, an email from the director circulating through the day for example commands staff attention, those at the top of the ladder in your organization should make sure internal communication is constant and informative as it creates a sense of “we are together in this.”

3. Updates
Some opportunities never arrive in your Facebook inbox. Most like minded in your business are always informing you of workshops, new opportunities via your email, another reason for you to make most of email.

4. Visibility
Imagine each staff sent out a signed message with their company website to a close friend using company email. That’s enough to invite curiosity into what your company does. Website traffic may increase, that’s a role email plays effectively too. So encourage you staff to frequently use.

5. Formality
Formality is not only outside, it’s important that all official communication goes by company mail. Resist the temptation to use personal email to achieve this.

In a world of buzzing social media, basics like email are bound to take second place, yet their value in your organization is to say the least, traditional. May you prioritize email, even amidst the new.

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