If you always first think about your website before handing out your business card, – this article is for you.

Not many will testify about the power of harnessing web power towards business ends yet this remains a central element in drawing attention towards your day to day happenings in your company.

No matter how fancy your business cards look, a terribly worked, less updated website will always turn readers off; and yeah, readers are customers too and you know what that means, don’t you?

So how do you notice your company website may be on drip?

We’ll start with ourselves, inside the company, when blog comments are dwindling, that’s a sign to wake up and ask the inevitable question. How much content am I posting? Is there a consistent thread of updates coming through weekly? Is it qualitative or quantitative?


There’s got to be a pattern, you cannot afford to go a month with no updates, likewise daily updates would wear your visitors out, so create an expectation of when and how often your readers expect something. Exhaust the social media forums in getting this word out.

Ok, you do a great job posting on the company blog, but how consistently? It’s fatal for your customers to read about your activities in other sources without any direct information coming through your website.

In today’s age, images are everything, compelling images will always call for attention, even to your articles, remember  youtube is already competing for your website visitor’s attention. No one wants to read drab textbooks via your website so keep it short and simple. Precision, brevity, clarity should be key i.e alongside compelling images.

Social media
So your workmates have Facebook accounts but none has bothered to “like” your recent company post, not even the girl across the desk? No worries, ensure thorough internal communication before your company’s posts, announcements go out, worst thing would be “charity not beginning at home”wouldn’t it?

Imagine the reach and  impact your company would have if each your staff came visiting online with their  friends, shared and “liked”  Think about the impact of creating a Facebook page that links directly to your homepage. mobilization is key and sometimes no one can do it better than the ones who know you  better, your staff.

Yes finally,what about assigning a particular staff to handle your publicity?  It saves the rest of the staff from abandoning the important matters of day to day business. It’s called specialization.

It’s very easy today to get caught up in the day to day business and forget to attend to your most important forum as a company. And as we labor in our day to day routines and schedules, we need to make sure our website identity is steady and consistent, enough to keep us engaged with our clientele.

We ought to treat our website  like a special child,  because it actually is.

And trust me, it’s easy to notice when  it’s on drip.

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