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Customer care is central to every business’ survival and profitability. We think technology provides avenues for every business to rethink their interaction to provide their customers an experience that will build loyalty to their brand. Over time we’ve seen how technology like telephones, the internet among others are revolutionizing the interaction with customers and prospects and many such businesses can attest to how that affected their bottom line.

Our company builds and maintains call centers, email helpdesk systems in Kampala Uganda, for clients across East Africa.

We believe that there is need for convergence of the different communication channels into one seamless platform that integrates and leverages the different technologies and personnel a company has, we believe a Contact Center does just that. Why? Your customers are trying to get to you through different means – Telephone, Email, SMS, Social Media and IM chat – so how are able to juggle all these without taking a dent on your budget but at the same time provide a presence to your customers in a manner they are most comfortable with.

That is where we come in, our solutions are based on open source IP Telephony technology that should make your contact center a service powerhouse. But power requires flexibility — and innovation — for the multichannel agility you need to respond to customer demands.

Devterch gives your contact center a single IP communications platform that’s both innovative and agile. Our contact center solution is innovative in its all-in-one, open standards architecture for multi-channel interactions as well as SIP and VoIP.

Agile in its unified application suite for every aspect of the customer experience. And complete… in that you get everything required in a contact center solution to improve performance throughout your operation.

When it comes to your customers, building a better experience around them gives you the ultimate advantage. Our all-in-one contact center solution lets you make each customer’s experience an exceptional one. Besides our software development background provides us the skill set we need to integrate the call center to your existing applications.

Value Proposition for your Contact Center.

Imagine your contact center solution as a single, all-in-one platform that blends all media types with your business rules in one unified system. Now envision it allowing your contact center to do all this.

  • Manage and blend inbound/outbound multi-channel interactions
  • Automate multimedia routing and queuing processes
  • Create revenue-producing outbound campaigns
  • Improve training, agent performance, remote agents included
  • Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Use metrics to increase the accuracy of forecasts and schedules
  • Simplify administration in a single, central environment
  • Connect multi-site operations with a single platform

Features to spoil customers and build loyalty

From the start, your contact center welcomes customers and reaches out to them using the communications channels they choose. Then with our solutions your agents, supervisors and remote agents solve problems, upsell, and build customer relationships that build loyalty. And the whole time, you monitor operations to ensure superior service for every customer.

Total contact management

  • Multichannel access: phone, fax, email, web, SMS, business objects
  • ACD; multichannel queuing, priority and skills-based routing, email routing
  • Outbound dialing
  • Auto attendant
  • Interaction tracking
  • Real-time presence management
  • Built-in multi-lingual support
  • Remote and at-home agents
  • CRM integrations, including screen pop – possibility
  • Pure blended inbound/outbound campaign management
  • IVR for self-service automation

Quality monitoring

  • Real-time continuous monitoring
  • Multichannel recording
  • End-to-end reporting
  • Agent monitoring, mentoring, scoring
  • User-definable alarms
  • Alert monitor view

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