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Proficient Email Use at Work

Aren’t you thankful?

Aren’t you thankful that you no longer have to go to the post office, buy a stamp and access your correspondence?
Of course envelopes and long lines not withstanding. To many though in this era, they even have no idea what it meant to own or operate a Post Office (Box), except anxiously waiting for the postman to love letters in the high school days.

Close to 90% of communication today revolves around the internet, with Email taking a big percentage of the share. With just a click your communication can be across the Atlantic-already! In seconds, even less.

And of course like every other good thing, this comes at a cost.

Email use, or lack of there of, can still be a factor that determines employee productivity.

If you are the kind whose work revolves around email, then this is for you.

Like any other new technology, as much as it is important, it’s got its detriment; your attention is bound be divided as your output slowly dwindles. Yet we haven’t even mentioned social media yet-just email.
That’s why it’s important to cultivate a discipline when it comes to handling your electronic email, office and personal.
The other extreme is totally getting swamped in your daily duties and forgetting that you are part of a team, and because of that, neglecting all internal communication on the internal office thread.
For coherence at workplaces both extremes may be avoided by adopting patterns that create a balance, after all human nature has a tendency to violate good things-even good things like email.

Here are a few basic principles may help address.
Determine when how often you are going to check mail, if you anticipate any distractions, do not go there at all, especially during peak hours.
Attention spans gradually reduce with more distractions, and notifications can be one of those, turn them off during your assignment to create focus.
At the end of the end of the day priorities count. Like somebody put it, where your heart is, your treasure is also. We will tell your priorities by how you frequent you check on your correspondence. And if your heart is in your job, it will show. Trust me.

Team work
Consider team work, if you are a team player, then office emails are going to matter to you, check them, see what your colleagues across the table are saying, interact (healthily of course) –and yes-put away the greetings cards for now-it’s time for work.
Log out
Sounds obvious, uh? But it’s not. We sometimes log in and forget to log out, this may leave you exposed if your are kind that uses another’s computer, so it goes without saying that you should consider your privacy. Last thing you want is having office conversations rotate about your inbox.
But Like all good things, every good thing can be violated. Even email. It’s just human nature. But adopting a few basic disciplines will go a long way in making us effective staff in a world of new technologies.
And that might make our boss smile- too :).

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