Network sharing and the death of manual files

//Network sharing and the death of manual files

Network sharing and the death of manual files

Your mum’s office was different – Ask her.

She will most definitely tell you her office setting-unlike yours today- had typesetters rather than computers and the secretary would sit there in the corner pounding away documents the entire day.

Everything went once, there was no delete button. So room for mistakes –still, unlike today –was minimal.

If she’s kind enough, your “other generation mum” will also tell you that documentation then was different. Stacks of files would be piled up in cabinets every single day-of course meaning printing costs were high too. But something was peculiar.

Today the trends have changed, shared networks are the big deal, your staff now has an opportunity to place every document they finish, not in a tangible cabinet but a virtual cabinet. Thousands of documents can now be shared virtually without anybody asking for a clipping machine.

That has made workplace storage efficient. With just a click, your staff can download copy and paste shared documents all the time creating cohesion.

Thank Goodness for this, interaction between projects is enabled without anybody drowning in paperwork.

To harness the best of this, a couple of thoughts to keep in mind;

  1. Access levels : Open Access always comes with it’s pitfalls. You don’t want your kitchen staff accessing your trade secrets, do you? That’s why it’s important to keep guard, let a few be able to access the  shared files.
  2. Passwords. You can not state enough the importance of passwords to the security of your systems. Most security flaws and hacks are a result of weak or access to user passwords. A good password policy would be a good place to start.
  3. Emphasize Use. Make it a habit that all staff get to place work done periodically on the shared resource, ensure all content there is  filed under named folders.(preferably staff names) this coherence will go away is enabling location every time it’s necessary.
  4. Technicalities. Technology always invites lots of curiosity,and adventure.In a bid to protect your important documents, ensure key documents are zipped and protected form deletion or transfer.
  5. Routine backups. Having all your work in one place is a potential for disasters. The good habit of backing up data and having multiple mirror locations for your work will save you face in the least expected time.

Fundamentally, shared networks are meant to ensure thorough communication and file sharing in a techy friendly way, how you approach it will go a long way in ensuring the documentation of your  company information.

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