Get Noticed: Social Media and Your Website Traffic

///Get Noticed: Social Media and Your Website Traffic

Get Noticed: Social Media and Your Website Traffic

Running a company website without social media is like brushing without toothpaste.

Okay, maybe that is an overstatement but I hope the idea is not lost. The idea that for your company to become visible, Twitter and facebook are going to be prominent in making that happen.

Her are a few quick tips

1. Know your Audience

Every company ought to know who dances to their tunes, for you to communicate, audience is key, know it, master it; their needs, their online behavior, age, sex that will be key in getting kickstarted.


2. Know what to say

Sounds obvious? Well, maybe not. It’s possible to have existed for the last so years and still not know exactly what your company is about, or put simply-you can’t put in succinct words what you are about.


3. One at a time

Yes Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t try yours, run one campaign at a time, don’t promote multiple campaigns. You have one audience, one tweet per product, a status update per campaign, less is more.


4. Less is more

It’s a rule anywhere, the lesser the better, find creative ways to say a lot in the fewest words possible, avoid clutter , don’t use two words where one will do, two posters where one is enough.


5. Do unto others

And finally, it’s not just biblical, it’s also “social medial” (if you like), if your company social media account does not follow others on Twitter, don’t expect to be followed. If it doesn’t comment on other status updates, forget on yours. It’s called eye for eye.


Importantly, is the need for social media plan for your company, these tips should be well specified and documented. If you need help with this drop us an email

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