EVALUATION: After all has been said and done

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EVALUATION: After all has been said and done

ffSo you’ve done all there is in terms of marketing your company.
The Facebook likes are growing and your inquiry lines are jamming.
And  thank goodness, it’s all somehow  reflecting on your company bank account.
How do you go from there?
We’ve long talked about internal communication, making most out of social media,  great websites -all as means towards imaging your company profile.
But after all this done, how do you know the impact that it is having in   very measurable ways. How do you condense your recent campaign into figures, statistics and paragraphs that can easily be digested by your management? In case they need to forge a way forward.
1.    Do you have a distinctive and disruptive sense of purpose that sets you apart from your rivals?


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2.     Do you have a vocabulary of competition that is unique to your industry and compelling to your employees and customers?

3.     Are you prepared to reject opportunities that offer short-term benefits but distract your organization from its long-term mission?

4.     If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would really miss you and why?

Great questions helpful in keeping us on track with our evaluation like these are always good to keep at the back of our minds. It’s is such thinking that will enable you have an effective evaluation of your company goals.

And that goes a long way in enabling effective image- building not only to your external public but your internal public.
What would it look like for us to undertake campaigns, events, et al after getting a thorough  understanding on how we will measure our impact-this way

Would our organization look different?

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