Employee attitudes and the workplace

//Employee attitudes and the workplace

Employee attitudes and the workplace

We will call him Oscar.

Oscar is the new intern sitting in the corner near the executive corner.

Shem, his boss asks him to help him out with a cup of tea as he is rushing for a midday meeting, Oscar clicks away the mouse, still leaning back in his chair and instead asks a question about his slow computer.

You know what that communicates? Oscar has just prioritized something else and he is just an intern –for crying out loud.

We haven’t even talked about your female workmate who is always stumping her Prada in the corridor as every one else pounds away at their keyboard. What about Tony who occasionally breaks out in loud chuckles in the room as he looks up on internet jokes?

My free online dictionary defines Attitude as  “A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself”

Of course the earlier may not mean much in workplace terms, but “manner” would do, even the most gifted of employees can only go so far with the wrong attitude.

Attitudes eventually define the environment as sanity, order, courtesy take priority, so guess no employer need to worry about the workplace environment after they have ensured good staff attitudes, but before that,

How may all this happen? How practical can employee attitude enforcement be?


Most people know this word only in legal circles, but  it’ s a uniform discipline, how we carry ourselves, what we speak goes a long way in telling who we are. Being a Friday doesn’t mean your birthday vest is a good thing to wear- at work. Pocketing and kicking your shoe sole while speaking to your seniors is not anything near to respect too. Man looks on the outside, even the good book says


It’s not just a journalism thing, deadlines are key everywhere, late assignments are better off not delivered, at all, sometimes.  Time scheduling for your staff, including arrival and departure time are central to a good work environment; always.


They say charity begins at home, sometimes though, your workstation tells us a lot about your home.  Scattered stickers, notebooks on your workstation say lot about the person you are. And don’t give the excuse of busyness  or the cleaner not reporting to work that day, your desk is your personal responsibility, and yeah, and I say that to myself too .


Birthday cards and internet cards, go slow, these may not be the best use of your company email, reserve them for social media, all communication should be kept at a formal level, make most of your company email,  beware of careless signatures at the end of your email. They say volumes about you. Chits, stickers to the directors office should be kept minimal, or none at all. Introduce yourself for every phone call,

” Hullo, who is this?” may not be the best introduction.


“Hullo, This is Peter Okello from Devterch, may I please know who I am talking to?



Keep things formal, let your demeanor be the first to tell it, keep your weekend stories away from the conference room, respect meetings, take notes, raise your hand first


Most of us think we have it but we don’t.”Excuse me”, “May I please,”  “Do you have a minute?” are not very familiar in our talk. Good listening, raising your hand first in meetings, avoiding interruption and not chewing gum in the boardroom (yes) are all key virtues of courtesy, it simply tells us a lot about you.

After all at boardroom level is sorted, employers ought to have right staff attitudes for their workplace is composed of people (humans) and the way they carry themselves greatly matters.










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