Cultivating a Planning and Scheduling Culture

//Cultivating a Planning and Scheduling Culture

Cultivating a Planning and Scheduling Culture



“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Someone once said.

Those words immediately disqualify this writer from even going ahead, yeah, because I too often fail to plan.

Good thing I am not alone (not a consolation), I know several other busybodies that most definitely think 10 minutes of planning for your day is not really “it”.

Most would probably give the excuse of “guess I am not just the “sit-down-and-write-type”

But if all your staff said that, guess what kind of organization you would have?

That’s why it’s important to revisit and cultivate the scheduling and planning culture in your organization if greater output is to be achieved, may be a few advantages of this discipline discussed below would help kick start some of us – yes, at a personal level.

Here are a few things that may come to mind when we talk about planning and scheduling.


Planning brings order and drives out chaos, our modern world is full of distractions, and planning will help you sieve priorities when three other web pages are open on your taskbar.


How are you able to evaluate what you never planned in the first place? Personal planning has a way of helping us consider what’s been going on – because it’s easy to have activity without fruit.


Unless you’ve tracked your trail backwards, you won’t be able to move forward. Strategies going ahead are inspired by looking at the success and failure behind us. And only planning and scheduling can enable you draw am effective strategy in light of what has been going on.


With the distraction of the internet and the various commitments that often demand our attention time planning and scheduling brings clarity. Clearheaded employees are always in position to deliver.


Synergy Is power. And because no man is an island, our own planning and scheduling enables us plug in with our workmates, fix time on your planner for their input, brainstorm ideas, and come alongside.  All exquisite qualities of a good team, a good team you would love to have in your organization.

While most of these are commendable steps to take in improving your working culture ,most of them can only be cultivated at personal level, yes – personal level.






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