Much has been said about social media, yet another reminder will help – still.

I am sure your Website at the time of writing this may still be struggling to keep it’s Facebook activations–if any.

You might even be thinking the posts on your website do not fit the kind of generation on social media But maybe you need to ask again.

Truth is, your website is barely going to advance without these platforms. What then would the seven extra reasons be, if we were to plead with you one more time to engage social media on your website?

Here we go.


Social media today boasts of mammoth, one strategic post may attract a number of likes from people that have even never stepped into your office(and their friends too). With millions idling away on their desktops and smart phones daily, there is no better way to engage those than waving your latest website post in their faces – and only social media promises that.


Though the Social media demographic is largely thought to comprise of young people. That may not be the common -every time. By embracing social media, you expose your website to a variety of audiences, young and old, rich, poor-everybody. Show me any business that doesn’t need that.


We live in an age of trends; events happen daily and go viral on new media, even before mainstream media captures them. Association in this case is everything, the invention of hash tags by Twitter and lately Facebook testifies, everybody is contributing to the big conversation. It’s get the idea.


With more likes, links, comments, retweet and share options, there is no better way to engage your audience than through social media, and no tool provides such proximity. Even a daylong publicity event at your company premises may not match a calculated blog post.


For the “business” and “cause” oriented ,this is the greatest news , most of these social media platforms are free of charge and yet they provide a perfect means to get “your brand out there “-all without a single penny spent.


Instant feedback is one of the majors social media offers. No other platform gives you instant feedback on your ‘cause”, product, or service than social media.


The default tools offered by some of these social media e.g. polls also go a long way in enabling your assessment efforts. Traffic at your website is bound to skyrocket with more social media engagement

Indeed like Monica Jade Romeri, a Principal of Darwin Digital Content rightly notes “Ignore social media at your own risk; you can be quite certain that your top competitors have thrown their hats into the social media arena.”