We have built one of the most reliable and robust SMS applications in Kampala, Uganda that powers the businesses of telecom VAS providers and Organizations.

The mobile phone is the most accessorized gadget, whether in the city or deep in the village. This presents you an opportunity to take your products to customers, as well as a whole new market on which solutions can be developed for your existing products and services.

What the SMS Application does.

Pull Messaging

Pull  Messaging requires  retrieval  of data  from  the  SMS back-end  system  for  the  mobile interactive  requests  from  customers.  Messages received from SMS are sent to the SMS middleware which returns the message to be sent to the customer in response to his enquiry. E.g.  A client sends a keyword to a short code about the status the system queries a database which replies the customer/prospect with the relevant details.

Push Messaging

There are two kinds of push messages that the system will handle

The most suitable service here is to provide real time messaging solution – messages are generated and sent to customers as a result of back end transactions e.g. Reports for transactions, credit and debit reports, status notifications, updates, etc.

The second is where we send the usual messaging, birthday greetings, new updates, adverts, plus any other communication that needs to be sent out. This could easily qualify to bulk sms services.

How the SMS Application works.

Our application interfaces between the telecom company your application on one end and the customer on the other end.

The technology in brief

  • A short code/longcode – this is a special 4 digit telephone number provided by UCC (Uganda) that allows for sending and receiving messages.
  • SMS Gateway – this is a facility for sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) routed through telecom companies’ Messaging Centers.

This application works for VAS providers who wish to overhaul their existing application, telecom companies, banks, insurance, government institutions or just any organization that has the mobile phone as one of the major tools for reaching their audience.

Contact us so we can help you deploy a tested SMS Application plus help with the processing of a short code from the regulators – email sales[@]devterch.com.