At Devterch – we strive to automate the business process of our clients. To that effect we developed a Plantation Management System to automate plantations that rely on outgrowers for their daily inputs for their factories. Our plantation management software is currently used in the tea industry in Uganda, however, it’s application can easily be adopted in any other agro based industries that rely on outgrowers, for instance, it can be used in a Sugar Cane Plantation, Milk Industry, Coffee Industry, Cotton, among many others.

The integrated management information system is made up of digital weighing scales and data processing software that together automate plantation processes and crop-outsourcing infrastructure aimed at enabling agricultural based organizations take full advantage of modern technology.

Why Use our Plantation Management Software?

The prime objectives of this system is to reduce errors and foul plays on field data capture, generate and processed meaningful data for the day-to-day running of the organization and build a dependable framework for decision making and planning.

To complete the automation process we use the Easyweigh Digital Scale.

We partnered with Applied Data Logix – and Indian based precision instruments manufacturer who makes the scales that are used in our system.

The Easyweigh scale is an electronic weighing scale that automatically generates the payment receipts of the farmers at the collection centers (sheds). It helps eliminate recording false information at the sheds and provides a faster way of weighing the farmers’ tea bags.

To achieve this, programmable digital weighing scales basically hand held computers are used to capture and log field data. The device stores data in electrically erasable memory tightly secured against any form of loss. The Captured data is later downloaded and imported to our system.

The system shall be beneficial both to the organization and to the farmers in a number of ways

  • Customized solution to fit into your current business model
  • Ensure maximum profitability to both the farmers and to the factory – because correct data and information is collected from the sheds automatically.
  • Improvement on the efficiency of the leaf clerks during the weighing exercise by use of digital scales.
  • Informed decision making for the managers – because information shall be generated by the software that is relevant to the needs of the factory.
  • In addition with the proper storage of the bio data of the farmers and employee details the system shall be able to keep track of the performance of the farmers thereafter knowing which sheds are more productive than others in a shorter time than before.

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