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Why we need websites.

Back in the days. When you wanted to check out an organization, you  physically had to drop by their office building. Today, the story is different; with websites, information is simply a click away. A website can be defined can be defined as a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. (Wikipedia) By the time you are typing in your address bar, you are seconds away from accessing a place, person, event that could have taken you hours, even days. So what other reasons can we give to state the case for having a website . Why would one need a website for example?  What’s the whole point? Signposts Websites are modern signposts, before appearing for that interview, potential employees for example know that a website not only tells you “venues”; but also gives you bits of often organized information for you to have expectations from  the individual, organization or entity you are  about to approach. Social media With millions of your potential customers, students, partners, donors trafficking on social media. No central place for aggregated information does it better than a website. Links of your posted work may be effectively and efficiently shared across social networks-sometimes in just minutes. In this age of new media, social networks which are also commended for their mobile reach plead no better case for the need for a website. Identity Your organization is identified by a brand. That could be color or a combination of them, an illustration, a slogan et al. There is no better place to sell your brand than through a website. Not to mention the other public relations issues […]


“Ignorance is no excuse.” Our “learned friends” often like to remind us. Same could apply for us who use the internet daily without a single clue on how and what we log into daily operates. In this age of growing technology, we will not be forgiven for not getting our basics right-at least concerning this basic web hosting  knowledge. You and I can learn how the websites we visit daily operate without actually feeling like rock scientists. This conversation seeks to introduce you to the basic understanding of web hosting. What is web hosting? What does it entail? What should you think next time  you bypass a signpost at that junction reads”we offer web hosting services” what will you hear? How will you react next time you hear the IT section guy at your office mentioning this term “web hosting” and perhaps charging you more for it? The second entry when you put the words “what is web hosting” in Google is from defining webhosting “as the service that makes your website available to your users”. Yes, you can even visit  your web developer and  acquire the website name (domain) .You may even have the pages designed to your stipulations. But even after all that is done, you still need to have your new designed website hosted somewhere. What does that take? You need a server This is where the company that is hosting you provides a server computer to generate hosting space for your website. IP Address This is also known as the internet protocol address, defines internet protocol as “the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet.” www.Internet explains IP […]


If you always first think about your website before handing out your business card, – this article is for you. Not many will testify about the power of harnessing web power towards business ends yet this remains a central element in drawing attention towards your day to day happenings in your company. No matter how fancy your business cards look, a terribly worked, less updated website will always turn readers off; and yeah, readers are customers too and you know what that means, don’t you? So how do you notice your company website may be on drip? Content We’ll start with ourselves, inside the company, when blog comments are dwindling, that’s a sign to wake up and ask the inevitable question. How much content am I posting? Is there a consistent thread of updates coming through weekly? Is it qualitative or quantitative? Schedule There’s got to be a pattern, you cannot afford to go a month with no updates, likewise daily updates would wear your visitors out, so create an expectation of when and how often your readers expect something. Exhaust the social media forums in getting this word out. Consistency Ok, you do a great job posting on the company blog, but how consistently? It’s fatal for your customers to read about your activities in other sources without any direct information coming through your website. Images In today’s age, images are everything, compelling images will always call for attention, even to your articles, remember  youtube is already competing for your website visitor’s attention. No one wants to read drab textbooks via your website so keep it short and simple. Precision, brevity, clarity should be key i.e alongside compelling images. Social media So your workmates have Facebook accounts but none has bothered to “like” your recent company […]