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I have taken it upon myself backhome to task a 13 year old with an assignment. This young man is a vivid lover of FIFA games and all the distraction that comes with it. And because of that, I have handed him a copy of  “English Companion” to help him tell me three Proverbs he has learnt every day vis-a-vis playing FIFA games. Gone are the days of utilising your school vacation to shoot birds, today we have a different bird, it’s name?  Twitter. It’s here that we shoot our words in 140 characters, forget your mangoes. But that has come with a cost, hasn’t it? Today’s generation is more image driven than picture driven, and we like to talk about them, the distracted. But what about  us the employees? How has new media kept us from our responsibilities? Of-course I am asking your boss, not you . How much time do you spend on Facebook on  a typical workday?  fine, you can answer that. But here’s the big one for businesses, what safeguards have you established to ensure productivity in your business? That smart gentleman you gave an assignment this morning could actually be busy direct messaging his e-girlfriend on Twitter or Facebook. Question again is, how then shall you look out for your staff to guard against the new technology bug? A couple of takeaway  tips Ensure your staff members always have  something going on. Ensure weekly plans, reports – indeed an idle mind can be a devil’s workshop . Your staff still need time out on social media, so grant it, lunchtime and after office hours are good recommends. Productivity may increase when your staff has lots going on and there is liiibeertty  (yes […]


If for any reason you want to make an autorun CD and you have been wondering how it is done then this article is for you; • Open notepad • Write OPEN=INSTALLSetup_filename.EXE ICON=INSTALLSetup_filename.EXE • Save it but not as a .txt file but as .inf file. • Next replace the “setup_filename.EXE” with the name of the setup file. Note that some times have the “.exe” extension some have “.msi” extension, just replace the setup file. • Its almost done now, burn your CD with the autorun.inf file included • You can go ahead and test your CD now; insert it in the CD drive and wait for the autorun to begin, if nothing happens double-click on the CD drive icon.

How to prevent users from writing to USB drives

USB drives have become the most popular and standard removable storage device to move data to different locations. They come with features like password protection and are compatible with all numerous operating systems and extra storage capacity (up to 65 GB). The main issue with USB drives is the threat of viruses and other malware that are easily spread during the transfer of data from different computers. Today organizations have even the issues of their workers easily writing data onto USB drives using their PCs which may include confidential proprietary data. If you have windows XP with SP2, then you can disable the writing option to USB drives. The following steps will enable you disable the USB writing option: To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights. First click on Start button and type “Regedit” in Run option. Here locate the location to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl Here in right side panel, click right to create a key with the name “StorageDevicePolicies”. Now in left side panel, select “StorageDevicePolicies” key, again right click to create new DWORD value then label it “WriteProtect”. Set its value to “1”. But again enable this option set its values “0”. You are done, now close the registry editor and restart your computer to effect the changes..

Setting Up a Local Printer

Many times our clients have spent a lot of money calling our office reason they can not locate their local printer as a result they can not print. This prompted me to write an article on how to install a local printer. Below are the steps you should follow to install a local printer; 1. Open the Printers folder (Start->Settings->Printers 2. Double-click the “Add Printer” icon 3. When told to begin installing the printer, click Next, Do So 4. You are asked if you wish to install a Local or a Network Printer. For this FAQ, choose, Local Printer 5. Next, you need to enter the manufacturer and model number. If you cannot find it, or you have a disk that came with your printer, choose the “Have Disk” option and browse till you find it. 6. You will now be asked to select a port. Standard is LPT1, but COM2 can also be used. There are other options, but these are very rarely used. 7. You are asked to give the printer a name and whether it will be your default printer. 8. Then, you are asked whether to print a test page. It is suggested that you do. 9. Windows will now copy the files that it needs.
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