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Much has been said about social media, yet another reminder will help – still. I am sure your Website at the time of writing this may still be struggling to keep it’s Facebook activations–if any. You might even be thinking the posts on your website do not fit the kind of generation on social media But maybe you need to ask again. Truth is, your website is barely going to advance without these platforms. What then would the seven extra reasons be, if we were to plead with you one more time to engage social media on your website? Here we go. Reach Social media today boasts of mammoth, one strategic post may attract a number of likes from people that have even never stepped into your office(and their friends too). With millions idling away on their desktops and smart phones daily, there is no better way to engage those than waving your latest website post in their faces – and only social media promises that. Variety Though the Social media demographic is largely thought to comprise of young people. That may not be the common -every time. By embracing social media, you expose your website to a variety of audiences, young and old, rich, poor-everybody. Show me any business that doesn’t need that. Trends We live in an age of trends; events happen daily and go viral on new media, even before mainstream media captures them. Association in this case is everything, the invention of hash tags by Twitter and lately Facebook testifies, everybody is contributing to the big conversation. It’s get the idea. Engagement With more likes, links, comments, retweet and share options, there is no better way to engage your audience than through social media, and no tool provides such proximity. Even […]

EVALUATION: After all has been said and done

So you’ve done all there is in terms of marketing your company. The Facebook likes are growing and your inquiry lines are jamming. And  thank goodness, it’s all somehow  reflecting on your company bank account. How do you go from there? We’ve long talked about internal communication, making most out of social media,  great websites -all as means towards imaging your company profile. But after all this done, how do you know the impact that it is having in   very measurable ways. How do you condense your recent campaign into figures, statistics and paragraphs that can easily be digested by your management? In case they need to forge a way forward. 1.    Do you have a distinctive and disruptive sense of purpose that sets you apart from your rivals?   Image Source: 2.     Do you have a vocabulary of competition that is unique to your industry and compelling to your employees and customers? 3.     Are you prepared to reject opportunities that offer short-term benefits but distract your organization from its long-term mission? 4.     If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would really miss you and why? Great questions helpful in keeping us on track with our evaluation like these are always good to keep at the back of our minds. It’s is such thinking that will enable you have an effective evaluation of your company goals. And that goes a long way in enabling effective image- building not only to your external public but your internal public. What would it look like for us to undertake campaigns, events, et al after getting a thorough  understanding on how we will measure our impact-this way Would our organization look different?


Me and Andrew – a friend who runs a starter clothing line company – met a colleague from an advertising agency at a restaurant the other day. As you would quickly guess, our introductions connected on various points as I quickly realized he was a copywriter, and so here we were, the three of us, a copywriter and two graphic designers. Fast forward, the conversation steered into my friend’s starter clothing line. Andrew and I were surprised to learn our advertising colleague actually already knew about our under budget clothing line establishment- how? through Facebook. Just so you know, With a low budget (if any at all) Andrew has built an online audience following his t-shirt design business via Facebook in small yet profound ways. With staff of himself as the proprietor, Andrew has almost single-handedly managed a Facebook campaign of throwing T-shirt photo samples out , attaching his friends and receiving orders . Over the last few months, Andrew’s business has gained momentum, he’s forked in deals that have involved audiences of up to 1000 young people. Today, Andrew looks at Facebook differently, gone are the days of simply posting status updates, here are the days of engaging audiences for a cause, a cause higher than what I am having for lunch, who i am in a relationship with or who showed up on the birthday party last night. Beat that.


I have taken it upon myself backhome to task a 13 year old with an assignment. This young man is a vivid lover of FIFA games and all the distraction that comes with it. And because of that, I have handed him a copy of  “English Companion” to help him tell me three Proverbs he has learnt every day vis-a-vis playing FIFA games. Gone are the days of utilising your school vacation to shoot birds, today we have a different bird, it’s name?  Twitter. It’s here that we shoot our words in 140 characters, forget your mangoes. But that has come with a cost, hasn’t it? Today’s generation is more image driven than picture driven, and we like to talk about them, the distracted. But what about  us the employees? How has new media kept us from our responsibilities? Of-course I am asking your boss, not you . How much time do you spend on Facebook on  a typical workday?  fine, you can answer that. But here’s the big one for businesses, what safeguards have you established to ensure productivity in your business? That smart gentleman you gave an assignment this morning could actually be busy direct messaging his e-girlfriend on Twitter or Facebook. Question again is, how then shall you look out for your staff to guard against the new technology bug? A couple of takeaway  tips Ensure your staff members always have  something going on. Ensure weekly plans, reports – indeed an idle mind can be a devil’s workshop . Your staff still need time out on social media, so grant it, lunchtime and after office hours are good recommends. Productivity may increase when your staff has lots going on and there is liiibeertty  (yes […]

Get Noticed: Social Media and Your Website Traffic

Running a company website without social media is like brushing without toothpaste. Okay, maybe that is an overstatement but I hope the idea is not lost. The idea that for your company to become visible, Twitter and facebook are going to be prominent in making that happen. Her are a few quick tips 1. Know your Audience Every company ought to know who dances to their tunes, for you to communicate, audience is key, know it, master it; their needs, their online behavior, age, sex that will be key in getting kickstarted.   2. Know what to say Sounds obvious? Well, maybe not. It’s possible to have existed for the last so years and still not know exactly what your company is about, or put simply-you can’t put in succinct words what you are about.   3. One at a time Yes Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t try yours, run one campaign at a time, don’t promote multiple campaigns. You have one audience, one tweet per product, a status update per campaign, less is more.   4. Less is more It’s a rule anywhere, the lesser the better, find creative ways to say a lot in the fewest words possible, avoid clutter , don’t use two words where one will do, two posters where one is enough.   5. Do unto others And finally, it’s not just biblical, it’s also “social medial” (if you like), if your company social media account does not follow others on Twitter, don’t expect to be followed. If it doesn’t comment on other status updates, forget on yours. It’s called eye for eye.   Importantly, is the need for social media plan for your company, these tips should be well specified and documented. If you need help with this drop us an email