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We are evolving, update to our clients and partners.

Approaching our 10th year of existence has called us to rethink our business and future, we are critically looking at the possibilities new technologies particularly the internet and mobile can offer to individuals and businesses. We are therefore focusing our efforts to creating tools and resources that continue to catapult us into the preferred ICT partner in the region. In the last 6 months we have worked with most of our clients as we cease to provide services of IT Support (Computer, Printer repair and maintenance). The staff in that division have effectively opened a new company totally independent of us, we recommend that you continue with them if you wish to receive the service we’ve provided, however, if you prefer to source a different provider we shall be glad to consider your options. Wayforward. We have opened a new brand HOST EAC – that will manage our SME Online (Domains, Website Design, Hosting and Email) services. While Devterch, will continue in our Business Automation (IP Telephony, Software Development, Application (Mobile and Web) Development) aspirations. Our commitment to providing you the best service and support is still our top priority and we believe this course of action provides us an avenue to focus ourselves to deliver on areas we are better suited for and position ourselves for the future. We can’t fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support. Working with you over the years has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. Email us for more information or inquires at Thank you again for your business.   Management
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Why we need websites.

Back in the days. When you wanted to check out an organization, you  physically had to drop by their office building. Today, the story is different; with websites, information is simply a click away. A website can be defined can be defined as a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. (Wikipedia) By the time you are typing in your address bar, you are seconds away from accessing a place, person, event that could have taken you hours, even days. So what other reasons can we give to state the case for having a website . Why would one need a website for example?  What’s the whole point? Signposts Websites are modern signposts, before appearing for that interview, potential employees for example know that a website not only tells you “venues”; but also gives you bits of often organized information for you to have expectations from  the individual, organization or entity you are  about to approach. Social media With millions of your potential customers, students, partners, donors trafficking on social media. No central place for aggregated information does it better than a website. Links of your posted work may be effectively and efficiently shared across social networks-sometimes in just minutes. In this age of new media, social networks which are also commended for their mobile reach plead no better case for the need for a website. Identity Your organization is identified by a brand. That could be color or a combination of them, an illustration, a slogan et al. There is no better place to sell your brand than through a website. Not to mention the other public relations issues […]


Much has been said about social media, yet another reminder will help – still. I am sure your Website at the time of writing this may still be struggling to keep it’s Facebook activations–if any. You might even be thinking the posts on your website do not fit the kind of generation on social media But maybe you need to ask again. Truth is, your website is barely going to advance without these platforms. What then would the seven extra reasons be, if we were to plead with you one more time to engage social media on your website? Here we go. Reach Social media today boasts of mammoth, one strategic post may attract a number of likes from people that have even never stepped into your office(and their friends too). With millions idling away on their desktops and smart phones daily, there is no better way to engage those than waving your latest website post in their faces – and only social media promises that. Variety Though the Social media demographic is largely thought to comprise of young people. That may not be the common -every time. By embracing social media, you expose your website to a variety of audiences, young and old, rich, poor-everybody. Show me any business that doesn’t need that. Trends We live in an age of trends; events happen daily and go viral on new media, even before mainstream media captures them. Association in this case is everything, the invention of hash tags by Twitter and lately Facebook testifies, everybody is contributing to the big conversation. It’s get the idea. Engagement With more likes, links, comments, retweet and share options, there is no better way to engage your audience than through social media, and no tool provides such proximity. Even […]


“Ignorance is no excuse.” Our “learned friends” often like to remind us. Same could apply for us who use the internet daily without a single clue on how and what we log into daily operates. In this age of growing technology, we will not be forgiven for not getting our basics right-at least concerning this basic web hosting  knowledge. You and I can learn how the websites we visit daily operate without actually feeling like rock scientists. This conversation seeks to introduce you to the basic understanding of web hosting. What is web hosting? What does it entail? What should you think next time  you bypass a signpost at that junction reads”we offer web hosting services” what will you hear? How will you react next time you hear the IT section guy at your office mentioning this term “web hosting” and perhaps charging you more for it? The second entry when you put the words “what is web hosting” in Google is from defining webhosting “as the service that makes your website available to your users”. Yes, you can even visit  your web developer and  acquire the website name (domain) .You may even have the pages designed to your stipulations. But even after all that is done, you still need to have your new designed website hosted somewhere. What does that take? You need a server This is where the company that is hosting you provides a server computer to generate hosting space for your website. IP Address This is also known as the internet protocol address, defines internet protocol as “the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet.” www.Internet explains IP […]

Important Update and Notice to our Clients.

Thank you very much for your continuous trust in our online service delivery for your organization. Over the last Nine years, with you as our greatest supporter we have grown and evolved. This growth and enormous trust of your online needs with us requires that we create that environment where we are truly a reliable partner. We are therefore eager to announce that from the 24th – 31th May 2013, we shall be undertaking a series of new measures that will give us a new platform to serve you better. To achieve this, we have been over the last couple of months working behind the scenes on tools and facilities to automate and improve your experience online. Part of that will involve an entire makeover strategy intended to hasten our collaboration. This will involve. Identity: As we work towards efficiency, we realize our attention cannot be divided anymore, and so, we have set up an independent brand named “Hosteac” to effectively provide a platform for all your email hosting and domain needs. NB: Hosteac is 100% owned by Devterch. A streamlined email service, we have paid attention to your concerns and are now shaping a better and more efficient solution for your business emails. Downtime: As your solution driven partner, we intend to reduce your downtime. Our hosting infrastructure has been remodeled to smoothly be the best for all your online activity. Support: We are automating how we provide you support. Having the best servers and infrastructure is not enough, our promise is to back this up with the best human support you can get, and we are hoping that this will be one important thing you will love about our new changes. During this process, we shall keep you updated […]
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Workplace Housekeeping 101

    A cluttered office table always tells you about the owner. So does an empty glass left overnight on the boardroom table. Small things say volumes about us. And sometimes they are not just small things. How we handle our office environment will always be louder than the services we deliver. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to our work environment, not because we are perfectionists but because impression matters, I mean, even the good book says “man looks on the outside”. so as you get your workday started, look out for the little in house things that may spoil your company  image. We can start with these Reception Of course first things first, because most of our clientele physically arrive here first, put some thought to it.  A neat paint wouldn’t hurt; your company vision (rather than the CEO’s first born son’s   picture) could hang somewhere visible. Because reception areas often act as waiting areas too, the perception your visitors have about your company could fail or succeed at your reception, and yeah, make sure you position somebody receptive-yes,to match. General hygiene Sounds obvious? Of course, but the general sanitation of your office goes a long way in ensuring not just good health but an impression on those who drop by. Keep Kitchenware out of office,make use of  trashcans in the  office and remember to talk to the accounts office about a good remuneration for the cleaners too, if you don’t –it might reflect. Courtesy You rarely learn this at university but  The Miriam Webster dictionary defines courtesy as or  “behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others”. Unspoken staff behavior will always go a long way in ensuring   good relations among staff and it’s […]

EVALUATION: After all has been said and done

So you’ve done all there is in terms of marketing your company. The Facebook likes are growing and your inquiry lines are jamming. And  thank goodness, it’s all somehow  reflecting on your company bank account. How do you go from there? We’ve long talked about internal communication, making most out of social media,  great websites -all as means towards imaging your company profile. But after all this done, how do you know the impact that it is having in   very measurable ways. How do you condense your recent campaign into figures, statistics and paragraphs that can easily be digested by your management? In case they need to forge a way forward. 1.    Do you have a distinctive and disruptive sense of purpose that sets you apart from your rivals?   Image Source: 2.     Do you have a vocabulary of competition that is unique to your industry and compelling to your employees and customers? 3.     Are you prepared to reject opportunities that offer short-term benefits but distract your organization from its long-term mission? 4.     If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would really miss you and why? Great questions helpful in keeping us on track with our evaluation like these are always good to keep at the back of our minds. It’s is such thinking that will enable you have an effective evaluation of your company goals. And that goes a long way in enabling effective image- building not only to your external public but your internal public. What would it look like for us to undertake campaigns, events, et al after getting a thorough  understanding on how we will measure our impact-this way Would our organization look different?

Network sharing and the death of manual files

Your mum’s office was different – Ask her. She will most definitely tell you her office setting-unlike yours today- had typesetters rather than computers and the secretary would sit there in the corner pounding away documents the entire day. Everything went once, there was no delete button. So room for mistakes –still, unlike today –was minimal. If she’s kind enough, your “other generation mum” will also tell you that documentation then was different. Stacks of files would be piled up in cabinets every single day-of course meaning printing costs were high too. But something was peculiar. Today the trends have changed, shared networks are the big deal, your staff now has an opportunity to place every document they finish, not in a tangible cabinet but a virtual cabinet. Thousands of documents can now be shared virtually without anybody asking for a clipping machine. That has made workplace storage efficient. With just a click, your staff can download copy and paste shared documents all the time creating cohesion. Thank Goodness for this, interaction between projects is enabled without anybody drowning in paperwork. To harness the best of this, a couple of thoughts to keep in mind; Access levels : Open Access always comes with it’s pitfalls. You don’t want your kitchen staff accessing your trade secrets, do you? That’s why it’s important to keep guard, let a few be able to access the  shared files. Passwords. You can not state enough the importance of passwords to the security of your systems. Most security flaws and hacks are a result of weak or access to user passwords. A good password policy would be a good place to start. Emphasize Use. Make it a habit that all staff get to place work done periodically on the shared […]


Someone has said that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book. In contrast, If you want to reveal something to this generation, attach a photo to it. Such is the importance of imagery in our generation. After winning the recent American presidential elections, Barack Obama twitted a picture of him hugging his wife with the words “four more years.” In matter of hours the picture went viral and received over 5 million re tweets. And that has not been an isolated incidence, new media today has dwarfed traditional media by embracing imagery in their content, today, online and offline content not only comes with  compelling photography but with slideshows and gripping images. Social media giants like Facebook have gone a step further with features like “like”  “tag” and “share” buttons on their album offers. Towards the end of 2012, Facebook (as you may have noticed) introduced an album progress that featured all your (subscriber) yearlong highlights through the ending year. Whoever tracked that will tell you it was such a creative thing. As new media takes center stage, your company cannot stay on the fence regarding adopting images for your communications. Of course a few things will stand before any step is taken in this direction. Photography If you are going to undertake great pictorials in your communication, better have assured photography. Consistent loud photography never just happens, go ahead and outsource the best PR/Branding/Advertising agencies or even a photographer, this often helps keep consistency and keeps your company ahead- in terms of quality. Choices Make sure the message of your content always rhymes with the photograph, always let field articles and reports correlate with the pictures therein – uniformity is key. Positioning Image location matters, “top left” and “top right” are always […]
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Think of Business X. Business X is run by two entrepreneurial young men, raised in a city church. The two were part of a church media team where they honed their skills at “color grading” and “composition” – never mind the terms -pure videography. Their skills  noticed every Sunday on the church projector by the city’s prominent that come every Sunday morning. In one vivid case, a City Bank CEO notices a well composed ad that stirs his adrenaline, he remembers his wife’s conversation last night and how she expressed interest in getting  a “a good video editor” for their upcoming upcountry school project. When the service ends, Mr CEO walks up to the media booth asks a few questions, and the rest becomes history. The two boys under their independent agency sign up an account with his prominent bank  and as their ad garners countrywide fame on national TV, even the CEO’s sons rhyme it for daddy as he smiles away in the evening couch reminiscing, TV remote control in hands with a “I -know- how- all- this – started.” look. The “boys” do a faithful first  job and months later, competing banks line up to negotiate with the once “little” garage-located ad agency. Not because they saw their billboard or brochure, but because somebody told their wife who spoke to their friend upcountry, who told their uncle who is a  project officer at some local NGO with lot of video footage to edit and design . Long story short, the ad agency goes on to sign several other contracts courtesy of  “word of mouth” in their circles. The stressed communications officer, with a deadline, who watched the video in the second service talks about it at her workstation and her boss picks interest, they […]