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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why we need websites.

Back in the days. When you wanted to check out an organization, you  physically had to drop by their office building. Today, the story is different; with websites, information is simply a click away. A website can be defined can be defined as a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. (Wikipedia) By the time you are typing in your address bar, you are seconds away from accessing a place, person, event that could have taken you hours, even days. So what other reasons can we give to state the case for having a website . Why would one need a website for example?  What’s the whole point? Signposts Websites are modern signposts, before appearing for that interview, potential employees for example know that a website not only tells you “venues”; but also gives you bits of often organized information for you to have expectations from  the individual, organization or entity you are  about to approach. Social media With millions of your potential customers, students, partners, donors trafficking on social media. No central place for aggregated information does it better than a website. Links of your posted work may be effectively and efficiently shared across social networks-sometimes in just minutes. In this age of new media, social networks which are also commended for their mobile reach plead no better case for the need for a website. Identity Your organization is identified by a brand. That could be color or a combination of them, an illustration, a slogan et al. There is no better place to sell your brand than through a website. Not to mention the other public relations issues […]

Proficient Email Use at Work

Aren’t you thankful? Aren’t you thankful that you no longer have to go to the post office, buy a stamp and access your correspondence? Of course envelopes and long lines not withstanding. To many though in this era, they even have no idea what it meant to own or operate a Post Office (Box), except anxiously waiting for the postman to love letters in the high school days. Close to 90% of communication today revolves around the internet, with Email taking a big percentage of the share. With just a click your communication can be across the Atlantic-already! In seconds, even less. And of course like every other good thing, this comes at a cost. Email use, or lack of there of, can still be a factor that determines employee productivity. If you are the kind whose work revolves around email, then this is for you. Like any other new technology, as much as it is important, it’s got its detriment; your attention is bound be divided as your output slowly dwindles. Yet we haven’t even mentioned social media yet-just email. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a discipline when it comes to handling your electronic email, office and personal. The other extreme is totally getting swamped in your daily duties and forgetting that you are part of a team, and because of that, neglecting all internal communication on the internal office thread. For coherence at workplaces both extremes may be avoided by adopting patterns that create a balance, after all human nature has a tendency to violate good things-even good things like email. Here are a few basic principles may help address. Frequency Determine when how often you are going to check mail, if you anticipate […]


Much has been said about social media, yet another reminder will help – still. I am sure your Website at the time of writing this may still be struggling to keep it’s Facebook activations–if any. You might even be thinking the posts on your website do not fit the kind of generation on social media But maybe you need to ask again. Truth is, your website is barely going to advance without these platforms. What then would the seven extra reasons be, if we were to plead with you one more time to engage social media on your website? Here we go. Reach Social media today boasts of mammoth, one strategic post may attract a number of likes from people that have even never stepped into your office(and their friends too). With millions idling away on their desktops and smart phones daily, there is no better way to engage those than waving your latest website post in their faces – and only social media promises that. Variety Though the Social media demographic is largely thought to comprise of young people. That may not be the common -every time. By embracing social media, you expose your website to a variety of audiences, young and old, rich, poor-everybody. Show me any business that doesn’t need that. Trends We live in an age of trends; events happen daily and go viral on new media, even before mainstream media captures them. Association in this case is everything, the invention of hash tags by Twitter and lately Facebook testifies, everybody is contributing to the big conversation. It’s get the idea. Engagement With more likes, links, comments, retweet and share options, there is no better way to engage your audience than through social media, and no tool provides such proximity. Even […]