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When it comes to money, everybody has something to say. But how do you handle the many voices, in your own workplace. How on planet earth do you create a literate workforce able to live wisely within what you offer them in “end of month.” (Of course apart from increasing it) . There are three answers to this question. 1. Training 2. Training 3 Training Like any other discipline, financial habits are learnt and unlearnt overtime, somebody needs to tell your boss that it’s simply not  the about the paycheck, but it’s  management too. In other-words, Employers not only need to show concern for remuneration but also for the remunerated. What’s going on in their budgeting? How is that affecting their input? How can the accounts office come to the rescue, in case of some emergencies and special needs(where need be)? These would be good questions to start with. For the intrinsic well-being  of staff is every employers business too. Question is, in which areas can it happen ? Cambridge Human Resource Group states that a lack of financial education for workers is “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue.”  To quote the Met Life report Financial Education—An Essential Component of Your Wellness Strategy, “The addition of a financial wellness component can offer significant advantages for a company’s bottom line and increase appreciation for the benefits they already offer.” (/employee-financial-education.html see ) Scholars have also cited most stress levels as a consequence of financial problems, so undertaking this pursuit is no luxury for the employer . The Pennsylvania institute of Certified accounts (PICA)  for example lists some of these areas as areas that ought to be addressed in workplace financial education .Hope you can identify yourself somewhere. Budgeting and spending plans Retirement planning Changing family structure: marriage, divorce, new […]

Important Update and Notice to our Clients.

Thank you very much for your continuous trust in our online service delivery for your organization. Over the last Nine years, with you as our greatest supporter we have grown and evolved. This growth and enormous trust of your online needs with us requires that we create that environment where we are truly a reliable partner. We are therefore eager to announce that from the 24th – 31th May 2013, we shall be undertaking a series of new measures that will give us a new platform to serve you better. To achieve this, we have been over the last couple of months working behind the scenes on tools and facilities to automate and improve your experience online. Part of that will involve an entire makeover strategy intended to hasten our collaboration. This will involve. Identity: As we work towards efficiency, we realize our attention cannot be divided anymore, and so, we have set up an independent brand named “Hosteac” to effectively provide a platform for all your email hosting and domain needs. NB: Hosteac is 100% owned by Devterch. A streamlined email service, we have paid attention to your concerns and are now shaping a better and more efficient solution for your business emails. Downtime: As your solution driven partner, we intend to reduce your downtime. Our hosting infrastructure has been remodeled to smoothly be the best for all your online activity. Support: We are automating how we provide you support. Having the best servers and infrastructure is not enough, our promise is to back this up with the best human support you can get, and we are hoping that this will be one important thing you will love about our new changes. During this process, we shall keep you updated […]
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Workplace Housekeeping 101

    A cluttered office table always tells you about the owner. So does an empty glass left overnight on the boardroom table. Small things say volumes about us. And sometimes they are not just small things. How we handle our office environment will always be louder than the services we deliver. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to our work environment, not because we are perfectionists but because impression matters, I mean, even the good book says “man looks on the outside”. so as you get your workday started, look out for the little in house things that may spoil your company  image. We can start with these Reception Of course first things first, because most of our clientele physically arrive here first, put some thought to it.  A neat paint wouldn’t hurt; your company vision (rather than the CEO’s first born son’s   picture) could hang somewhere visible. Because reception areas often act as waiting areas too, the perception your visitors have about your company could fail or succeed at your reception, and yeah, make sure you position somebody receptive-yes,to match. General hygiene Sounds obvious? Of course, but the general sanitation of your office goes a long way in ensuring not just good health but an impression on those who drop by. Keep Kitchenware out of office,make use of  trashcans in the  office and remember to talk to the accounts office about a good remuneration for the cleaners too, if you don’t –it might reflect. Courtesy You rarely learn this at university but  The Miriam Webster dictionary defines courtesy as or  “behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others”. Unspoken staff behavior will always go a long way in ensuring   good relations among staff and it’s […]