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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Network sharing and the death of manual files

Your mum’s office was different – Ask her. She will most definitely tell you her office setting-unlike yours today- had typesetters rather than computers and the secretary would sit there in the corner pounding away documents the entire day. Everything went once, there was no delete button. So room for mistakes –still, unlike today –was minimal. If she’s kind enough, your “other generation mum” will also tell you that documentation then was different. Stacks of files would be piled up in cabinets every single day-of course meaning printing costs were high too. But something was peculiar. Today the trends have changed, shared networks are the big deal, your staff now has an opportunity to place every document they finish, not in a tangible cabinet but a virtual cabinet. Thousands of documents can now be shared virtually without anybody asking for a clipping machine. That has made workplace storage efficient. With just a click, your staff can download copy and paste shared documents all the time creating cohesion. Thank Goodness for this, interaction between projects is enabled without anybody drowning in paperwork. To harness the best of this, a couple of thoughts to keep in mind; Access levels : Open Access always comes with it’s pitfalls. You don’t want your kitchen staff accessing your trade secrets, do you? That’s why it’s important to keep guard, let a few be able to access the  shared files. Passwords. You can not state enough the importance of passwords to the security of your systems. Most security flaws and hacks are a result of weak or access to user passwords. A good password policy would be a good place to start. Emphasize Use. Make it a habit that all staff get to place work done periodically on the shared […]

What about Email?

I committed a crime the other day, a cyber crime,  if you like. I considered sending an email to one of those exposed emails I get in my inbox. Those emails the sender doesn’t consider should be sealed under ‘BCC’, All of a sudden, you get some update email with lists of people in the same business you have been dying to meet, connect. Many of us are familiar with the spam button a result of this practice, but that’s just one of the shortcomings of email, email posses a whole lot of other advantages for your company. Whether you have maximized these is another issue, altogether. 1. Identity Staff emails for example give corporate identity to your staff, free them from their and give them identity. Their business cards may go places you have never dreamt about. And that’s mileage. 2. Correspondence This is supposed to be obvious, but it is not, emails when handled well give a uniform voice to the organization, an email from the director circulating through the day for example commands staff attention, those at the top of the ladder in your organization should make sure internal communication is constant and informative as it creates a sense of “we are together in this.” 3. Updates Some opportunities never arrive in your Facebook inbox. Most like minded in your business are always informing you of workshops, new opportunities via your email, another reason for you to make most of email. 4. Visibility Imagine each staff sent out a signed message with their company website to a close friend using company email. That’s enough to invite curiosity into what your company does. Website traffic may increase, that’s a role email plays effectively too. So encourage you staff to frequently use. 5. […]


Someone has said that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book. In contrast, If you want to reveal something to this generation, attach a photo to it. Such is the importance of imagery in our generation. After winning the recent American presidential elections, Barack Obama twitted a picture of him hugging his wife with the words “four more years.” In matter of hours the picture went viral and received over 5 million re tweets. And that has not been an isolated incidence, new media today has dwarfed traditional media by embracing imagery in their content, today, online and offline content not only comes with  compelling photography but with slideshows and gripping images. Social media giants like Facebook have gone a step further with features like “like”  “tag” and “share” buttons on their album offers. Towards the end of 2012, Facebook (as you may have noticed) introduced an album progress that featured all your (subscriber) yearlong highlights through the ending year. Whoever tracked that will tell you it was such a creative thing. As new media takes center stage, your company cannot stay on the fence regarding adopting images for your communications. Of course a few things will stand before any step is taken in this direction. Photography If you are going to undertake great pictorials in your communication, better have assured photography. Consistent loud photography never just happens, go ahead and outsource the best PR/Branding/Advertising agencies or even a photographer, this often helps keep consistency and keeps your company ahead- in terms of quality. Choices Make sure the message of your content always rhymes with the photograph, always let field articles and reports correlate with the pictures therein – uniformity is key. Positioning Image location matters, “top left” and “top right” are always […]
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